About Us

Refillery Station

Ayahuasca Zero Waste, is the first Eco-friendly shop with a refillery station in the city of Fitchburg, Massachusetts. We offer a wide variety of natural, eco-friendly, Peta certified hygienic, and household cleaning products. You can bring any clean container to refill or
purchase one at the shop. By refilling, you are buying just the amount you need, avoiding the unnecessary purchase of new plastic bottles. Available just at the shop.


Whatever your choice is from house plants, Hoyas, Succulents, Cacti or Aroids,
We carry rare, unusual and common, plants.
visit us and make your own terrarium! Message us for special requests.

Zero Waste Accessories

Become a zero waster by buying plastic free, ecofriendly, bamboo, glass, handmade, natural and fair trade accessories. We offer a list of items such as glass straws, metal straws, coconut bowls, cotton bags, cutlery sets, glass drinking jars, and more.


Our mission

Ayahuasca Zero Waste is a three vision business, environmental, social, economic.

we care about our environment and nature, this is what inspired us to open a zero waste shop, and make our own self-care products, without using harsh chemicals.

The destruction of our ecosystem and its consequences is a big concern for us, affecting our current and future generations. We choose to be part of the change, by recycling cooking oil and transforming it into¬†“all-purpose soap”, We donate 100% of the profit to dogs in need in South America, and animals sanctuaries all over the United States.